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by the god tree

by Gayanne Geurin

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by Sufjan Stevens If I am alive this time next year Will I have arrived in time to share? And mine is about as good this far And I'm still applied to what you are And I am joining all my thoughts to you And I'm preparing every part for you And I heard from the trees a great parade And I heard from the hills a band was made And will I be invited to the sound? And will I be a part of what you've made? And I am throwing all my thoughts away And I'm destroying every bet I've made And I am joining all my thoughts to you And I'm preparing every part for you For you
- Genesis /Breshit 8:21-22 As long as the Earth endures Seedtime and Harvest Day and Night Summer and Winter Cold and Heat Will Not Cease Lo Osif Od Le’hakot et kol chai casher asiti
Given 04:54
Fire simple and sweet, Gold sparks lit with truth A tree felled with greed, still heats Kindled in moments gone by Axe wedged in hardwood The one that fell, in her own time Bring home that the warmth of this hearth Is not by chance She is given, She is given to you I grieve the orphan tree family torn down for new homes in town, a fireplace for free More than we'll ever know Can't you see, Angels and God, by the Mother Tree bring home that the warmth of this hearth Is not by chance She is given, She is given to you All is given, All is given to you
Harpu 04:24
Harpu u’deu ki Anochi Elohim translation/interpretation: Release ( be still) and know that I am God.
Emet 06:13
Emet M’Eretz Titzmach Source: Psalm 85:12 For all truths emanate from the earth. Truth springs up from the Earth
Na'aseh V'nishma We will do, We will listen


Trees are divine creations, breathing and teaching alongside us. Many biblical stories took place near trees, yet as we have continued to separate ourselves from nature, we mostly view them as part of the setting and scenery. The idea for creating this album came from wanting to listen to trees as teachers, as the tree in Genesis 18:1 sparked an awakening in me. What emerged was the desire to call attention to deepening connection with trees as children often naturally do, having the awareness and ability to hear the magic and godliness of trees. In this moment where we are on the cusp of losing everything with our Mother Earth, this album seeks to foster connection. You might follow the songs like a meandering walk in the woods. It begins with the question of invitation, then an awakening to crisis, a step into awareness accompanied by the gifts we are given. Tracks 7, 8, and 9 are chants that can be used as spiritual practices for deepening relationship with trees. The culminating song was inspired by an actual party envisioned by a child and her love for a tree in her front yard she named the God Tree. The creative approach for many of the songs was recording a series of improvisations, followed by hours of listening and reflecting. Gayanne and Producer Will Robertson then refined and honed the material from the recordings into unique and original songs and collaborations.


released February 9, 2020

Gayanne Geurin - vocals
Will Robertson - guitar, basses, oud, keyboards,accordion, vocals
Colin Agnew - drums , percussion
Jessie Reagen Mann - cello
Sarah Zaslaw - violin, viola
Gary Schreiner - harmonica
Aviva Chernick - vocals
Rebekka Goldsmith - vocals
Sonia Osio - vocals
Ariela Freedman - vocals
Amy Robertson - Torah leyner
Noa Robertson - spoken word and vocals
Eyal and Nadav Teutsch - babies

Produced by Will Robertson
Recorded and Mixed by Will Robertson at Gallop Studios
Atlanta GA

All tracks were collaborations with vocal and instrumental contributors.
Track 1 Sufjan Stevens, Track 2 Gayanne Geurin featuring Colin Agnew Track 3 Gayanne Geurin and Will Robertson Track 4 Gayanne Geurin, Improvisation: Rebekka Goldsmith, Sonia Osio and Gayanne Geurin Track 5 Gayanne Geurin Track 6 Gayanne Geurin Track 7 Used with the permission of Wendie Bernstein Lash, featuring Aviva Chernick Track 8 Gayanne Geurin, featuring Jessie Reagen Mann Track 9 Gayanne Geurin, string arrangement by Will Robertson Track 10 Gayanne Geurin and Will Robertson featuring Noa Robertson


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Gayanne Geurin Atlanta, Georgia

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